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Kegmaster Solstice Mini Portable Kegerator

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KegMaster Solstice Mini makes pouring your favourite beverages easier than ever, wherever your thirst takes you.

With its compact design and simple operation KegMaster Solstice Mini brings a splash of fun and convenience to your home, office, café, bar or anywhere you want to be. 

KegMaster Solstice Mini does warming as well as cooling so the possibilities of what you can serve that are wider than imagination.

That’s because the KegMaster Solstice Mini serves 10 Litre Aussie King Kegs that beverage makers everywhere are filling with their creations.  


With it's versatile power supply, it's not just what you can serve, but where you can serve that is truly exciting.

With KegMaster Solstice Mini, simply plug in the system’s Power Pack to a normal 10amp household outlet and allow your keg to get cold. 

Alternatively you can also use KegMaster Solstice Mini in off-grid situations.

Simply plug into your vehicle's lighter socket to bring bring KegMaster Sostice Mini along for travelling, picnics on the go and more.


Sparkling wines, premixed cocktails, lagers, ales, seltzer, cold brew coffees, sodas, juices and more can be served from your KegMaster Solstice Mini.

Once your keg is at your desired serving temperature you can pour your beverage as much as you like whenever you like. 

Your beverages stay fresh until the keg is empty.

The included driptray takes the mess out of pouring, keeping your bar or countertop neat and clean.

What will you serve next?


Empty kegs go in your recycling bin and replacing a keg takes takes no time at all.

Our Aussie King Kegs are incredibly light weight already so the 10L keg is just the liquid weight making it much lighter to carry  than commercial steel kegs.

When it's empty, the King Keg weigh's less than a kilo. 


KegMaster Solstice Mini is a perfect, affordable solution to getting an office with soda water on tap.

Other soda water installations can cost thousands of dollars just to pour sparkling water from a tap.

With KegMaster Solstice, you can serve chilled sparkling water or office drinks like cold brewed coffee for your staff and yourself. 

Make Friday afterwork drinks fun and share something more exciting responsibly


Solstice Mini Capacity:
1 x 10L King Keg or 9.5L corny keg

Powered by 12V DC (2 to 15 amps)

  • Can be powered by solar panel or car battery or other DC 12 volt sources
  • Removable clear lid
  • Fits standard dispensing taps (UltraTap included)
  • 12V car socket cable (optional extra)
  • Heating for serving warm drinks or fermentation use
  • Automatic defrost
  • Suitable for off-grid use
  • Suitable for humid environments
  • Suitable for on-bench installations and countertop service


Height: 706mm (W feet) 687mm (W/O feet)
Length: 346mm
Depth: 358mm (W/O magnetic drip tray) 554mm (W drip tray) 

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